The ironic thing about my story is that when I went to elementary school, I used to get bullied because I was too skinny and now here I am trying to loose weight. This made me so insecure that I used to wear multiple layers over each other to hide how skinny I was. I kept doing this through all my years of high school until the last year, where I decided that I was going to accept myself as I was and I stopped doing it. Once I got older I did gain some weight but I had never been heavier than 55 kilos.

Two years ago I started to eat healthier and to work out, but I have never been consistent. I always stopped and then started all over again. In the past couple of months I had been gaining a ridiculous amount of weight, it just kept going and didn’t stop. I felt awful and not comfortable in my own skin, I couldn’t even fit in my clothes anymore. I think I weighed like 66 kilo’s, I had never been so heavy in my life. And I am a very small girl so for my length that is just too much. So I decided that I was going to start eating healthy and working out again.

In this same period Germain van der Linden who is a supervisor at Forever Living approached me and asked me if I was interested in doing a c9 cleanse. He send me some information and I also did a bit of my own research. I decided that it would be a good thing for me to do as I was already planning on making some changes.

Before I started I was so excited because I was really looking forward to cleanse my body, feel better and loose some weight. Little did I know that I was underestimating this challenge.

The Clean 9 diet pack includes:

Two 1-liter (34 oz) bottles of Forever Aloe Vera Gel.

One Forever Lite Ultra meal replacement drink powder (15 servings).

One Forever Therm herbal supplement (18 tablets).

One Forever Garcinia Plus herbal supplement (54 softgels).

One Forever Fiber (9 packets).

One shaker.

One tape measure.

One information booklet, including an exercise plan.

The diet pack varies in cost between countries and distributors. In Europe it currently costs €127 including shipping.

How it works: The first two days of the programme are developed to ‘reset your body and mind’. These two days are the hardest, your body will start cleasing so it is crucial that you stick to the programme.

Day 1 & 2 : 

In the morning you take two Garciana plus softgel tablets, 120ml of pure aloe vera gel and one Forever therm tablet. For a snack you can have a forever fiber stick mixed with water. For lunch you should take the same things as you had for breakfast only this time you are allowed to have a Forever Lite Ultra shake with it. Then for dinner you take two Garciana plus softgel tablets and 120ml of aloe vera again. And in the evening you once again drink 120 ml of aloe vera.

Im going to be honest here, the aloe vera gel is pure and it really doesn’t taste well. Especially when this is what you are having for dinner. So you don’t get to eat a

On these first two days I was really feeling hungry and weak. And it was

hard to watch others eat food and just sit there and drink some water. For me the hardest part was that people who don’t understand what you are doing try to convince you to have a meal anyways. On the second day I was really agitated because of this and I fell out to a couple of family members and I also had to take a long trip to Belgium so my mood was awful. After that I decided to stay away from them until I had finished my cleanse.

Day 3 

Oh boy I was so happy it was day 3 because I was finally allowed to have a small meal of 600 calories in the evening. I was looking forward to this moment, the first two days seemed never ending. I remember I had one wrap filled with chicken and veggies and I was enjoying it so much.

Days 4–7 

These days went pretty good, I was feeling better and going with the flow. Next to the aloe vera gel and the soft gels I was allowed to have one meal every evening so it was doable, but I still was looking forward to the end of the cleanse.

Days 8 and 9

Finally I could see the end in sight. On day nine I was allowed to have a second meal during lunch. The meal had to be 300 calories; I had a small chicken salad. On these two days I was still struggling though, I wanted to give up but I am glad I didn’t. The hardest part was the mental part, but I think this is always a challenge when you are trying to achieve something In life, staying strong and positive even when things are harder than you anticipated.

During the cleanse I went for an 30 minutes- 1 hour bike ride everyday to keep exercising. The nice thing about the cleanse is that everything is explained step by step in the book. You can also find suggestions on what to eat and some tips that help keep you going. When I started the c9 cleanse I had already lost some weight. I was weighing 62.8 kilo’s and at the end of the cleanse I weighed 59,5 kilo’s so that means I lost 3,3 kilo’s. I lost the most amount of weight on the first two days, I went from 62,8 kilo’s to 60,5 kilo’s real fast.

My Forever Living contact was great and really supportive. He would check up with me every day and he added me to a Facebook group with people who where doing the cleanse as well and where going through the same. If you are interested in doing the C9 you can contact Germain van der Linden (Tel: 0646177370) | E-mail: gcj.linden@gmail.com | Facebook: Germain Hellburg Linden).

As you can see I still have to burn some upperbody fat especially around my waist. My legs are almost all muscle because when I am weight lifting I always focus on my legs, but I am going to start focusing on my upper body as well. I still am eating as clean as I can manage, so I am definitely heading in the right direction


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