My first stop was Cunit, it’s a cute little town in Tarragona Spain. What I loved the most is that they have a lot of beaches within walking distance. Also the sunsets were so beautiful, the sky would turn pink every night around 20:00pm.



Is literally what I did for the weeks that I was staying there.  Just a while ago I woke up for work early, 5 mornings a week to be able to afford all the expensive material things I owned. Today I can say that my life is very simple, but I am truly happy. And I am so gratefull, that life has blessed me this way.
Once upon a time I wondered if I would ever get to experience true happiness. I thought that I needed all these things that society nowadays makes you believe you need to be happy. Then I bumped into spiritualism and started to travel the world, I met so many amazing people and have seen so many beautiful places, creations made by powers from above that we can only imagine about.
These experiences combined taught me that I would only find true happiness within myself and the people whom I love and love me back. Material things just won’t make you happy, they just won’t. It will satisfy you temporarily, but the point will come when you get bored of stuff and will want new things.
And that is if they are not taken away by bankruptcy, terrosism or natural disasters. Be gratefull for what you have and appreciate the simple things in life. It’s okay to have and want beautiful things but don’t ever let them be worth more than a human being. Be kind to the people around you, live as happy and as peacefull as this world allows you too.
My heart goes out to all my friends who are going through difficult times, to Sint Maarten, to Mexico, to Texas, to Cuba, to Barcelona, to any place where happiness and love is needed at this very moment …

I share my love with all of you

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