For the ones who follow me on snapchat or have seen my instagram stories know that I recently was in the Dominican Republic again. I visited the island in May 2016 after 9 years and I just completely fell in love with the place where half of my roots lay. The last time I went there I didn’t bring my camera and this time I did bring my camera but my photographer couldn’t come with me. I did manage to let my mother and a cousin help me take some photos, but please don’t mind if they are not as great as my usual pictures.

I stayed in the capital and my mother also took me to Barahona, the village were my grandparents raised her. I had been there before when I was younger and I did remember a lot of things. So when I got there it immediately felt like home. I got to see a lot of my family and I had this very fuzzy feeling inside of me, it felt so warm and familiar.
Leaving them behind after spending time with them again, really was hard on me. But I am so greatful that I was given another opportunity to be there and spend a little more time. I still want to go back again, because there are so many beautiful places I would love to visit. So this is definitely not a goodbye.
I am very excited to share more with you guys, my upcoming blogposts will be about my trip there.

With Love From Nayo


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  • Anie
    October 20, 2016

    Really Beautiful <3

  • Mel
    October 23, 2016

    Youre beautiful in every single way! And happy birthday my dear.. stay awesome

  • La.TheGreat
    January 8, 2017

    I love your page!! Very beautiful photos!!!

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