Hiking is one of my favorite things to do, even though its exhausting its so rewarding. You get to disconnect from the world and appreciate this earth in its purest form. Għajn Tuffieħa Bay is a perfect location to go hiking, as you can enjoy the views from different angles.


This trip to Malta has changed me forever, I had been dreaming about this trip for so long. Honestly it was even more beautiful than I ever had imagined. It made me see life from a different perspective again and made me realize that all that matters in life is how we feel inside.

Travelling this past year I have learned many new life lessons. Letting go of superficial and material things has been one of them and I can tell you it is very freeing. It does not mean I can’t or don’t want to have them, it just means I am not so attached to stuff anymore.  I don’t care to have things just so that other people value me more, I believe in caring for another for who they are, not for what they have. But living in this world today, we tend to forget these things.

For me the best way to remind myself is to go travelling, it changes me in small ways, it humbles me. My biggest self growth changes I have always achieved when travelling. Before I moved abroad so I could travel more, I really thought I was such a humble person. But every time I get to see a new place and meet new people, I realize that there is so much that I don’t know and that there are way more things I should be great full for.

But of course changing yourself does not happen overnight. It is a transformation process that needs a lot of time. I have been on this self growth journey for years now and I still have such a long road to go.

Right now i’m just so grateful for all the beautiful experiences and I can’t wait to explore and see more of the world. I hope my Malta blogs have inspired you to do the same.

 I was not born for one corner, the whole world is my native land.

With Love From Nayo




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