Wearing: Forever21 Vest | Public desire Heels

The weather here in the Netherlands is still not quite what it should be, some days it’s rainy and other days it’s sunny. This vest is perfect for these cloudy spring days, it keeps me warm but it still takes away that raw winter feeling. I chose to wear this vest as a dress, but the next time i will probably wear it open with some jeans and a cute top. I really love to have pieces that can be diverse. Pieces that will look different with every outfit. This time I didn’t wear a item from my own collection, because I really wanted to keep it simple.

Photos by Anne Mee De Vries

beigelongvest beigelongvest1 beigelongvest5 beigelongvest9beigelongvest2  beigelongvest3  beigelongvest6 beigelongvest10 beigelongvest8

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  • Quincy aka secret admirer
    April 19, 2016

    Loving the pictures, vest mocht een beetje gedetailleerd zijn bij je heup voor een mooier effect maar overall sta je er prachtig op, very lovely you handsome moterfucker. Ps: Do You booboo, do you ❤️

  • jbsfablux
    April 20, 2016

    We are so alike, I love to have different pieces that I can match with different outfits too <3 Love it!

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