If you follow me on Instagram or any of my other social media channels, then you know that I recently went to the island where the half of my roots lie, the Dominican Republic. I’ve enjoyed it immensely, it was an unexpected trip that’s why I did not bring my camera. This is also why I haven’t been posting any new blogs in a while. On my instagram you can see some photos I took with my cellphone. After my trip to the Dominican Republic, I went to a beautiful Greek island called Lesvos, I stayed in the lovely village of Molyvos. My experience there was so awesome, I really feel like a new person. By that I mean more spiritual, more loving and more grateful for everything in my life. This I owe to the island but also to a new friend I made there.

To Lesvos I did bring my camera and I was able to do some great shoots. I am eager to share my journey and pictures with you. The upcoming blog posts will be about my time in Lesvos. Before I went to Lesvos, I was advised by many not to go there. On the news, the conditions about the refugees are so exaggerated that people no longer dare to go there. Well luckily I didn’t let this affect me and I went anyways. The residents are very sad about how their island is slandered on the news. The bad rumors that are going around about Lesvos, have financially broken the island. Still, it’s nice to see that the people who live there, despite the difficulties and the crisis are very warm, friendly, helpful and welcoming.

The situation concerning the refugees was last year and the Greeks maintained it in an excellent way. The refugees who arrived by boat were accompanied to camps or to the airport after which they continued their journey to their official destination. I myself have not seen any refugees, and I enjoyed all the warmth and tranquility that the island offers.

Lesvos is a beautiful island consisting of mountains, hot springs, breathtaking beaches, pine forests and olive groves. From Lesvos you also have a view of Turkey.

In the village of Molyvos you look your eyes out, it’s a very special village. It is a picturesque town on Lesvos, it lies in the northern part of the island and is built on a hill. It has a colorful fishing port and picturesque narrow streets and it is actually the most attractive village of Lesvos. The sight of the houses facing the mountains, with the castle on top is beautiful. It is an authentic, genuine Greek village. It is touristy, but it has retained its traditional style. There are many good restaurants and taverns, some have stunning views to the harbor of Molyvos.

Photos by Nayo Baez & Cynthia Baez

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  • jbsfablux
    June 15, 2016

    Woow I love this blog, the way you wrote it and described everything is just perfect, it makes me want to visit!

  • Veena
    June 16, 2016

    Love all the pictures. They are beautiful. So glad you had fun ❤️

  • Angie
    June 16, 2016

    Amazing post amazing pictures !

  • Sabrina
    June 16, 2016

    Really nice pictures I’m glad you had a good time, You deserve it.❤️❤️

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