Do you see these suitcases? This is all I have left in material things. Well not all of them are mine, just the ones on the right next to me. I sacrificed everything to follow my heart & my dreams and move to another country so I can travel the world. I gave up my beautiful house and all my beautiful furnuture, my job, my car, my clothes, my shoes…

People ask me why I gave everything up just like that and didn’t keep my house as a back up plan for if things go bad and I need to go back. But what they don’t understand is, there is no back up plan. I have been living the back up plan for all my life and I have always hated it. This is what I needed to do, I have no more time left to waist. I guess it’s literally all or nothing… I realized that all these material things that I have been working so hard to maintain are not worth postponing my dreams.
Is it hard? Yess my heart is broken. Not because of all the stuff, but because I am leaving behind my loved ones. This is my greatest sacrifice and because of this I feel obligated to acheive my goals. Because if I don’t, then I would have caused all this heartbreak for nothing.
Don’t be afraid to make big sacrifices, I promise you in the end it will be all worth it.

If you have a dream don’t let anybody take it away from you, and always believe that the impossible is possible.

Im gonna make you proud mom!
@Julithasoraya & @officialcynthiabaez,
Im so happy I am doing this with you girls.



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