Wearing: Nayo Baez Egyptian look statement necklace and Nayo Baez gold bracelet with lip design

I really wanted to do a look again on how to wear one of the pieces from my own collection. But the weather has been down, so I kept postponing it. This week I was also feeling inspired to shoot some pictures, so I decided to grab my camera and shoot the look myself. I did my own hair and make up, put together a simple outfit and combined it with some pieces from my jewelry collection.That’s one of the things I love about understanding photography, I am not a professional but I can take pictures whenever I feel like it. When I feel inspired I go out and shoot pictures and when the weather is off I shoot the pictures at home. If I may say so I am actually really proud about how they turned out, I was a little bit frustrated at one point because I had the idea that all the pictures turned out awful. So I just wanted to show you guys that a statement piece can really look nice and chic if you just keep the rest of your outfit simple. Also the way you wear your hair and make up can really add to the look.


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  • Lanelle
    March 3, 2016


  • jbsfablux
    April 5, 2016

    The necklace! Beautiful

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