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In one of my previous posts, I wrote about my 3 hour walk to Petra. The girls and I decided to go back to Petra and see The Church of Panagia Glykofilousa, of course this time we didn’t walk. We took a cab and got there in like 7 minutes. The church is built on a rock and you have to walk up 114 steps before getting at the top, it was really something, walking up al those stairs in the heat. But when I arrived at the top the view was so beautiful and so amazing. I felt so happy, it was totally worth it. It made me realize that I should leave all negativity in the past and focus on the beautiful things in life. So I want to share something with you that i’ve been carrying on my sleeve since that moment.


Forgiveness is one of the complicated and difficult things in life. But I truly think that it is also an important key to happiness. It is not always easy to forgive, I struggle with it a lot myself. But I have decided to at least be open to forgive everyone, including myself. And I am not saying that I am there yet, but I do feel this peace inside of me that I have never felt before. I know there is not a button that you can turn on and off, sometimes someone hurts us intentionally or unintentionally and we can’t help it when we feel some type of way about the situation or about this person. The hard part about having feelings is that we are not always able to control our emotions.

I do think that it is important to at least be willing to forgive and to let bygones be bygones. It doesn’t mean you will always keep a person in your life or you will stay in the same situation, but at least you can have peace with what had happened and move on. We won’t always be able to control everyone or every situation and therefore its better to move forward and to see every bad or messy situation as a learning experience and not as a punishment. And remember that beautiful things can come out of these bad situations, It really depends on how you look at life.

Life takes you through situations so you can learn something that will take you closer to your destination. Holding grudges and staying stuck in the past will block you from growing as a person and keep you from pursuing and achieving your dreams. If we all could be willing to forgive each other more, it could really make a difference in this world.

So I hope you guys join me in my journey of forgiveness, lets leave the past in the past and focus on our wonderful bright future.

With love from Nayo

Photos By Nayo Baez & Cynthia Baez



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  • Jennifer (jbsfablux)
    July 13, 2016

    I loved your message…. and you look stunning, this new vibe makes you shine from the inside out <3

  • Ruthless
    July 21, 2016

    You look angelic and sexy at the same time.

  • Jaquline Victoria
    September 6, 2016

    Beautiful blog. Pictures are amazing. Forgiveness is not for them but for yourself.

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