A friend that we met in Molyvos brought me one evening to the village of Petra on his motorcycle, this is a few kilometers from Molyvos. He raced so fast with his bike that we were already there in 5 minutes. In the evening, the village looked so great, it was lit and of course I had a lovely view of the ocean.

The next day, the girls and I decided to go to Petra. We were planning on taking an open tourist train that we had heard about, the train stops at various places in Molyvos and Petra.We only had mistaken the times of the train and had to wait very long for the next one. We had the option to take a taxi, but we were in a good mood and decided to walk to Petra. According to one of the locals we would walk it within 45 minutes. (In the Netherlands I would obviously never walk 45 minutes to go anywhere)

On the way to Petra there was so much to see, beaches, mountains, trees and the ocean. We were so intensely happy and we really looked our eyes out. Because there were so many beautiful things to see, we stopped constantly to enjoy the view and to make some videos of it. Ultimately, we arrived three hours later to Petra. When we were walking down the hill getting closer to the entrance of Petra we saw cabanas. We sat at the first beach bar called Coco Cafe, the owners were very caring and attentive.

Because it was so hot and we had walked for a long time, we skipped the rest of the schedule and we went to relax, sunbathe and bathe in the sea.When we wanted to return to Molyvos, the owner of Coco cafe called a taxi for us, he took us back to our stay in Molyvos for 10 euros. Walking back was really not an option for us.

What is nice to know is that in Petra and Molyvos you don’t have to pay to make of use of the beach chairs unlike in the Netherlands and other places. The rule there is that you buy a drink out of respect for the owners of the beach bar where you stay. Of course you can also eat there, but this is not an obligation.

In the pictures I don’t look very happy, but I was really intensely happy in that moment. Besides the fact that I had walked 3 hours before, it was the first photo shoot I had done in Lesvos and I really was not used to all that sunlight in my face. I also was not wearing any makeup, this really was not an option there. It was so hot, it would have probably melted of my face.

Link to Cocos cafe Website:

Photos By : Nayo Baez & Cynthia Baez


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  • Jennifer (jbsfablux)
    June 17, 2016

    Woow you are such an adventurous person, love it all, this place seems safe to travel to.

  • Cynthia
    June 17, 2016

    I love your blogpost again !!

  • Angie
    June 17, 2016

    Very nice girll

  • Midolcevita
    June 18, 2016

    Wow Nayo, Petra looks like a lovely place. I seemed quit an adventure for you and your friends. And OMG no makeup? And you look amazing.

  • Jaquline Victoria
    September 6, 2016

    When you are in a beautiful island the best look you can wear is the natural one. Your beautiful. Thanks for sharing your experience and pics.

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