At the end of our trip a very nice girl we met at our hotel told us to go to Viva Mare Hotel & Spa, she showed me a picture and I just knew I had to go there. When we walked up to the hotel I was already sold, it was huge and It look so amazing. The people who worked there where also very kind and helpful. Entering the spa area, I was just blown out of my mind immediatly. It was soo gorgeous, I think i’ve never been in such a gorgeous place before.

The funny thing is that I wanted to do a shoot here and when I pulled out my camera I realized that I had left my battery in our previous Hotel Meraki. But I just couldn’t accept not taking pictures at this beautiful location. So I went back to the hotel and got my battery and because of that I didn’t have many time left to enjoy. I was kind of sad that we didn’t find this place earlier, but oh well. I enjoyed the little time I had. And at least I shot some amazing pictures for you guys, which was my main goal. This is part one of my shoots here, I will upload part 2 and 3 soon.

About Viva Mare I found this Information on the Viva Mare website : 

Viva Mare Hotel will not show much of its unique qualities, unless you pass its imposing green gates, and wander in its peaceful and fragrant garden which hides the hotel from the main road. Located in just 1.4 km distance from Molyvos village, 1.2 km from the hot springs of Eftalou, and 4 km from the port of Petra, we are there where at night there are always stars on the sky. In a hotel area with a private beach, six pools, including one indoors with heating capacity and two especially for children, fourteen acres of landscaping, two independent playgrounds, four lounge areas and two bars, we would be more than pleased to welcome you in our premises. For anything you need, whether it’s a simple question, or a challenging event such as your wedding, the team of Viva Mare Hotel will be happy to handle everything for you.

Their pools are their diamonds. Made for all tastes and ages, give their guests a tremendous choice and potential in terms of variety and purpose so that all of them could swim comfortably as many hours they want per day. Feeling tired under the sun? Then simply move to another pool with different scenery, shape, and use. From the pool next to the pool bar, to the rectangular one, and from there to the inner one if it is raining, or to the swimming pool with the professional Jacuzzis outside the spa area, and vice versa. All you need to have with you is a sun lotion and a hat.

To be exact they have 5 amazing swimmingpools, I posted a snapchat compilation video on my instagram where I filmed all of the pools.

Photos By Nayo Baez & Cynthia Baez


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  • Jennifer (jbsfablux)
    July 21, 2016

    This is breathtaking!!!! I love all this pics, this place looks like heaven.

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