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Naomi Singh Bàez Feliz

A React.js Front-End Developer & UX/UI Designer

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Travel Blog

This is the very first project I built from scratch, using basic HTML, CSS & Vanilla Javascript. It’s a fun landing page about Travel Photography. The newsletter button is a generator which works by the user entering their name & email, answering some questions and then utilising Javascript to alert their name and thanking them for their subscription. This project was a great way to learn something new while getting to explore a topic I love.

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Weather project - JS

I created this Weather App with a Search Engine feature and a forecast for the week ahead. It’s built with HTML, CSS, Vanilla Javascript, Axios and the Openweather & Unsplash API integrations. This project really pushed my limits as this was my first time integrating API’s with pure Javascript and I was really eager to make the app more complex by adding the image feature, so I had to make sure both api’s are running perfectly in sync with each other.

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Weather Dashboard - React.js

NOT your average weather app! Featuring a Search Engine, Weekly Forecast, Sun - Moonrise times, input city imagery and a map rendering it’s location. Utilizing React.js, JSX, CSS, Bootstrap, Axios and multiple API integrations: Pexels / Openweather / Mapbox, this project is the most advanced I have created to date. It required more knowledge than I gained studying over the past year, pushing me to read a lot of documentation to solve complex errors on my own.

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Dictionary project - React.js

I built this dictionary React.js App with a Search Engine feature. As you might have noticed by now I am crazy about photography, so adding the image feature here was a must. The app utilizes React, JSX, CSS, Bootstrap, Axios and the Dictionaryapi.dev & Pexels API integrations. This project allowed me to become really familiar with incorporating JSX conditional rendering, looping though arrays and organising files into components for simplicity.

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