The best thing I ever learned is "How to Learn"

You can present me with any subject and I will learn everything there is to learn about it. That’s what love about developing, there is no end to learning. It challenges and stimulates me to use my brain by nurturing my aptitude for learning and problem solving.

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10 Fun & Personal Facts About Me

1. Born in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, NL
2. Raised in a spanish household in NL & USA
3. Mixed between 6 different global ethnicities
4. Polyglot by nature, can learn any language
5. Fluent Spanish, Dutch and English speaker

6. Can defend myself in French & Indonesian
7. Lived in numerous countries around the planet
8. If there is nothing more to learn, I get bored
9. Love palmtrees, beaches, coconuts & giraffes
10. For positive vibes, I'm your girl. Keep smiling!